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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve :)

I've been away for a bit. Trying to get used to updating this, & I also want to learn how to design this site to make it look more my own.
I got a shot of my fave snowflake...

We had a great Christmas, I hope everyone else did too!! I was able to get the kids a Wii and that's all they've been doing! I have to say, it's pretty cool. Epic Mickey is a pretty cool game, & a little addictive. I can't wait to get the Wii fit for myself. I was told for my fibromyalgia that light exercise could help & I think that would be a fun way to get it :) So for my birthday/anniversary coming up in January I want to get that & hopefully a new lens for my Canon. All I have it the kit lens & I'd like to get the 70-200mm. I love me some new photography goodies <3
And here is my family

So as for craftiness, I've made a few more hats. My kids keep requesting them! I'm moving on now though, to bigger things ;)
For the first hat my teen wanted a cat hat. Her name is Erica & my dad calls her Ericat, + we just got a kitten not too long ago. Anyway I chose the Crazy Cat Hat, got the yarn (Bernat Natural Blends Alpaca in Ebony) & started. Turns out she didn't want the ear flaps, & I didn't add the here is my version

She loves it, & has gotten some compliments on it at the store. I just think it's awesome I made my 14 yr old something she will wear in public hahaha!
So for the next hat I picked the Hat-tastic Waves & Ridges (4th down). I used Bernat Satin & I think the color is Wine or something like that. I started the crown & all was well. Clear directions like "ch 2, tc in same st, 1 tc, 1 tc" and it worked up nice. Then I got to the body part of the pattern & right away I was noticing a major increase in stitches making it look nothing like the photo.

I kept going thinking it may change, but was wrong & ended up frogging the hat up until the crown. I was following the pattern "*dc, htc, 2 tc, htc, dc, rpt from *". I had assumed since in the crown pattern it had "tc, tc" that "2 tc" meant "in the same st". I was wrong & it meant 1 tc in ea of the next 2 sts. After I figured that out, and started again the pattern worked up just fine. Mine isn't as wavy for whatever reason but it fits snug on my head & I like it :)

 I have a few ideas in my head & as soon as I head to JoAnn's this weekend I'm going to get started on them. I'll hopefully have some patterns up here soon!! They are some crochet patterns, & I also have some jewelry in mind to make.

I'm going to leave you with 2 really cool sites to check out.

1.) Art o mat
     These are A-mazing & you should check to see if there are any near you. I'm working on my submission idea...I'd like to be an Art o mat artist!! Nope, no previews...they are top secret ;)
2.) Project ReStyle 
     A project starting in the New Year & going all year long! I know I have some clothes I can dig out to go along with this. I think it's going to be a really cool idea to follow & see what they come up with.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year :)
I'm looking ahead to tons of Crafty Goodness, &  possibly starting wedding photography!!


  1. Happy crocheting! two months later is Newyear.....I love it very much.

  2. Great family photo.
    I like the way you write and will follow your blog and I am going to check out those ones you recommended.