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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello :)

Hello out there! I'm Jessica. A mom from Michigan that loves creative, crafty goodness.
I had a blog a long time ago, and decided it would be fun to have one again. I used to crochet all the time, even had a pattern in the wonderful Crochet Me e-zine in 2006. Then I had some more kids, and never seemed to take time for it. Only random at hats & scarves, and snowflakes in the winter.
Well, I've decided that isn't good enough anymore and I'm going to jump right back into it. I think I might start with this adorable fresh take on the newsboy cap, the Newsboy Carnival Cap. Now, to find the right yarn...
(I always *LOVE* that part!)!!
I'm excited to make this my little journal, not just for creative goodies, but for everything. Hope you don't mind!


  1. Yay-Jessica is back and welcome!

  2. Haha thanks D! I've got to take some photos of what I've finished and started in the last week! It's been a busy one. Can't believe it's almost Christmas!!!