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Friday, December 17, 2010

Holly Jolly Friday

Phew what a week. I caNOT believe Christmas is a week away. Who still has shopping to do? Me, that's who. I am dreading it. You know how people have road rage? Well, I get shopper's rage.
I went to Walmart 2  nights ago. I got to the lines, and not only did they not have enough lanes open, but the ones they had were so long they were winding. Even the express lanes. Now, I had toughed it out in the packed store with 4 insane (but loving) kids, those people who think they are the only ones in the store & park their cart in the middle of the aisle's, and picked over shelves. Now I'm expected to wait in what is probably an hour long line with those same insane children? Yeaaaa, I don't think so. I left my cart (and yes, I took the kids...), left the store and went to Kroger where I had a much better experience. Then I put the kiddies to bed & relaxed in front of my pretty Christmas tree with a cup of hot cocoa & a splash of Bailey's  :)

I love the holidays so much, but I really cannot stand how it has become so much about who is getting the best gifts, or who is buying the best gifts.  The stores are packed with people looking for the perfect gift for their family & friends. Well, I'll tell you what it perfect for me. A phone call. An email/letter/whatever. A visit with a good talk & maybe some of my cheesecake. No need to spend money on me. It is the thought that counts & so many people cannot afford to do what they used to do, and get those gifts for friends, neighbors, etc. And you know what? That's okay, because it shouldn't be about that. I cherish those handmade cards or ornaments I get. Those are great. I don't need a $4 Hallmark card that sings. Call me up & sing a carol, off key or not!
This year, I'm making ornaments for my friends & neighbors. I am seriously behind, and need to spend this weekend playing catch up, but I'm going to do it. And they will get those ornaments in cards made by my kids. Maybe I'll bake a cheesecake or make some good ole sugar cookies decorated by my kids. Friends & family  will get a treat, & my kids & I will get a memory of a fun afternoon of baking, together, in our cozy kitchen.
Okay, okay...on to the finished projects from the week!
I didn't do the Newsboy Cap I originally planned because the yarn I had in mind has grown legs & ran off. So, I did the Lace Cap from the free pattern downloads over at CrochetMe. It is a great pattern. It works up fast, I finished it in a day and a half, and that's just because I had to keep putting it down. Ya know, the whole 4 kids beating each other up or burning down my house thing...Anyway, it could be done in an afternoon. The hat works up nicely. I do suggest using the same weight of yarn they used for the pattern. Mine bunched up a little, I used a worsted weight. (Don't ask me what brand, I have no idea since the label is missing!) But I really love the looks of the hat, it's very cute, and the pattern is well written.
Here's the hat after finishing Round 6

And here's the finished hat (modeled by my oldest daughter, Erica)!

While I was making that hat, Gabrielle, my 9 year old, kept asking if it was for her. So, I made her a hat. I found this cute pattern (look at all those adorable hats on her blog!). I took the lazy way out and made it with one color, and making the needed adjustments for a bigger head haha. It's another pattern that works up super fast. So here is that finished hat. 

I know I said in that first post that I wanted to do more than just the random hat & scarves, but I'm just getting my feet wet with some easy, instant gratification patterns. It's been a while since I've done something involved, ya know. But...I'm in trouble. Why?
I've discovered Ravelry.
Man, I've been away from the internet crochet scene for way too long. I have so many projects in mind! My butt was sore from sitting at the computer just going through the patterns there. I couldn't stop. Oh how I've missed my crochet. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go roll around in my yarn, since I've neglected the poor stash for so long!!

Have a holly, jolly's one of the best days of the week :)

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